Japanese cuisine wins the hearts of connoisseurs all over the world. Delicacies from the Land of the Rising Sun have also found fans in Europe and Poland. While the Japanese diet is very varied, there are dishes which have gained particular popularity. Sushi, dango, onigiri and daifuku are some of the dishes which are most often consumed by the Japanese.

Popular Japanese dishes

The most popular Japanese dishes are delicate in flavour. The Japanese use spices sparingly – Japanese dishes are balanced in flavour and aroma. When eating a dish, you can always add more spice according to your liking. However, the Japanese believe that too much spice will the original flavour of a painstakingly made dish. Sushi, onigiri, dango and daifuku are some of the most popular dishes consumed in Japan.

Sushi – the most popular Japanese dish

Sushi is a dish known the world over. There is no question that it counts among the most popular Japanese dishes. The distinct, small, oval portions of rice wrapped in seaweed or eaten separately, stuffed with other ingredients such as raw fish, vegetables or seafood, are served with marinated ginger, soy sauce and wasabi. Sushi is most often washed down with green tea. It can be eaten with chopsticks or fingers.


Onigiri is another dish which is popular both in Japan and the rest of the world. Like in the case of sushi, rice also forms the base of the dish – there is a reason why onigiri is often called a ‘rice sandwich’. The grains of rice used for onigiri are round (it is the same type of rise used for sushi). Onigiri is triangular in shape and often comes wrapped in nori – a type of edible seaweed. Onigiri is stuffed with fish, roe and other seafood or umeboshi (Japanese apricots). Onigiri is often made with a playful take, and is shaped to resemble animals or cartoon characters. Originally, it was a way for parents to encourage their children to eat. Nowadays, however, decorated onigiri is popular among adults as well.


Dango is another distinct dish from the Land of the Rising Sun – small dumplings made from rice flour (mochiko). Just like sushi, dango is also served with green tea. Three to four pieces of dango are usually served on special skewers. The sheer variety of dango means that the dish can be eaten all year round with various additions. The most popular types of dango include: chichi-dango (eaten as a dessert), botchan-dango (dyed dumplings in three colours), goma-dango (with sesame seeds), hanami-dango (eaten only during Hanami), kushi-dango (served on a skewer) and anko-dango (served with sweet azuki paste).


Daifuku is a popular ricecake (mochi) dish with a sweet filling. It comes in many shapes and colours – white, green or light pink. The name ‘daifuku’ can be translated as ‘great luck’ or ‘source of luck’. The Japanese often gift this popular dish to others on special occasions. Daifuku is filled with anko – sweet red bean paste with added honey or sugar.

The most popular Japanese dishes

Japan is known from its refined, delicious cuisine. The dishes made by the Japanese are gaining popularity across the globe, winning the hearts of more and more new fans. The unique taste of dishes such as sushi or onigiri, and the interesting ways of serving means that the meals satisfy not only the palate, but the eyes as well.

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